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I am a Professor of Science and Environmental Sustainability Education at Brock University. Currently, I am the Principal Investigator on a SSHRC Insight Grant examining how students and teachers become engaged in doing science in their local communities.


  1. Hi Xavier, 

    Looking forward to contributing to everyone's ideas via this website and these comments.

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  2. Hey, it's Alex!


  3. Excited to see everyone's ideas as we progress through the project!

  4. Cannot believe I am surrounded by so many Leafs fans.

    1. I think the URL needs to be updated or changed.

    1. Totally agree!

  5. I found this resource about pollinators. It might be something interesting to look at in grade 9 ecology?



  6. Look in our school drive folder that I started for the research project. Let me know if you can access it!

  7. Hi everyone,

    I mentioned at our last meeting that I had done a school inventory walk with my class. Here are the files. (Let me know if you can access it!) This is a grade 10 class. You can see that they had some interesting ideas, and most of them are related to hygiene.

    Last Wednesday, I had the students get into groups of 4 and pick the most prevalent 1 or two ideas between them and put it on the whiteboards around the classroom. Then, we collectively came up with some of the criteria that we would choose our issue. I thought that this would be pretty tough but it was actually quite organic. The students came up with some great ideas and were generally engaged. Many of the ideas were great and we just needed to work to put them into language that was more specific and summarized it well.  Then, the students were asked to fill out the selection grid and then circle the issue that earned the highest number. Here are their grids


    Here are a couple pictures that I took during the process. Picture 1  Picture 2 

    Next step will be to look at the highest voted issues, and move onto how we are going to deal with the stakeholders and making a difference. First I may take a detour and have students reflect on why these improvements will be so good for our student body, since I am framing this as a wellness activity.



    1. Thanks for posting Nick. The files are saved on your team Google Drive so no worries about it public as they require access to it.

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