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I am a science teacher at Milton District High School, which is part of the Halton District School Board.


  1. I hope I'm doing this correctly!

    I haven't done anything for the SELC project since our last meeting, but tomorrow/Thursday I'm planning on discussing stakeholders with my class. I made this handout/WS to use so that I'm prompted to explain it a way that makes sense to me, and also so I can gather their data easily afterwards. I'm hoping that they can work individually and then in small groups to identify all of the stakeholders. They can then work in their small groups to rank the stakeholders as influential, for/against change, etc. and then we can consolidate our ideas as a group on the board.

    Hopefully we will also have time to come up with possible interviewees, and some possible questions to ask.

    Let me know what you think! Is there anything I'm missing?



  2. Here's some work we came up with!

  3. I think this is a great start to the process of students thinking about their local community.

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